Howcutt & Howcott family history 




Nathaniel Howcott – from Edenton to Memphis


Nathaniel Howcott was a man of many parts – clockmaker, minister, dentist, banker, freemason, inventor and slaveholder. His story reflects the expansion of the United States during the early 19th century both in a southern and a western direction. Read more…..

Why did Joseph Howcutt die in Germany?


Few people born in Northamptonshire in the 18th century had an opportunity to go overseas. It is therefore surprising that Jackson’s index to the Brixworth parish register states that Joseph Howcutt died in Germany. Read more….


Rosa Brown Howcutt Joyner


My grandmother died last week at the age of 101. I mention this not to elicit sympathy, but to use it to examine what a legacy means. In the past few years, pieces of her life beyond being a grandmother came to light for me. Read more…..


John Howcutt – Silver, murder and a President


John Howcutt moved from Scotland to America in 1835 with his parents John and Margaret Howcutt. He had a well-documented and, in many ways, successful life at Buffalo and Colorado but it closed in unhappiness. Read more….



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