Burials at St Luke's Church and churchyard

Lower Norwood, Surrey

(now West Norwood, London)


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The parish register records everyone buried at St Luke’s, the first burial being on 3 October 1825 and the final one on 7 September 1894. The majority were interred in the churchyard. However, some coffins were deposited in a crypt beneath the church building itself and are now stacked behind a wall at the southern end of that area. The churchyard has been legally closed, so no further burials may take place there apart from cremated remains. 

At first, the only other burial ground in the neighbourhood was at the Independent (later Congregationalist) chapel in Chapel Road. However, from 1837 onwards burials also took place the South Metropolitan Cemetery, which is situated on the opposite side of Norwood High Street to St Luke’s. 

The registers have been transcribed from a microfilm of the original book. Each page has space for eight burials, the information being set out in columns with these printed headings:


The final burial has the printed serial number 1386. However, only 1,383 burials are actually recorded. This is because:


The handwriting is of very variable quality, with inkblots in some places to add to the confusion. Entries that were hard to read have been checked, where possible, with one or both of these sources:


Editorial method


The information has been arranged into this order:

All legible information is included, apart from details of the clergymen who officiated.

Names and abodes are shown as written in the originals, even if spellings are wrong or inconsistent. However, christian names that were clearly abbreviated (such as “Thos.” for “Thomas”) are extended to their full versions.

In a few cases, the surname was written in front of the christian name. These names have been rearranged in the usual order in the transcript.

The burials of “William Henry Quintan or Quintin” on 12 March 1848 and of “Hannah Johnson or White” on 25 August 1849 both appear twice in the transcript – once for each of the alternative surnames recorded in the register.


Age at death

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The mean age of those buried at St Luke’s was about 28 years, reflecting the large number of infant burials.

224 of those buried (16.2% of the total) were less than one year old. A further 379 (27.4%) were in the 1 to 7 age-range.

Half of the people buried were aged 18 years or less.


How to consult the original records


As with every index, there may be errors or alternative plausible readings. It would therefore be wise to check entries of interest with a microfilm or scanned image of the original records. These can be seen at:

Scanned and indexed images of the St Luke’s burial registers, as well as a large number of other registers from that parish and elsewhere can also be consulted at www.ancestry.co.uk  Unless you visit the Ancestry site at a library that has a subscription allowing free access for its readers, you will have to pay to see the information on that platform.

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