The 1701 List


This list is almost certainly  incomplete. For instance, some of the family who were living at Coventry then may not have been found. 

Name Aged about Likely Place County
Edward 56 Lichfield Staffordshire
Edward 14 Lichfield Staffordshire
Elizabeth 11 Lichfield Staffordshire
Hephzibah  adult Coventry Warwickshire
Henry 49 ? Stoke Albany Northamptonshire
Henry's wife  adult Stoke Albany Northamptonshire
James  2 Shearsby Leicestershire
John 27 Bitteswell Leicestershire
Martha  adult Bitteswell Leicestershire
Mary 50 Lichfield Staffordshire
Mary 17 Bitteswell Leicestershire
Nathaniel 16 Lichfield Staffordshire
Raphael  adult Coventry Warwickshire
Richard   Coventry Warwickshire
Robert  adult Bitteswell Leicestershire
Sarah  adult Shearsby Leicestershire
Sarah  adult Birmingham Warwickshire
Thomas  adult Stoke Albany Northamptonshire
Thomas' child   child Stoke Albany Northamptonshire
William 73 South Croxton Leicestershire
William 30 Shearsby Leicestershire
William  adult Birmingham Warwickshire

* The Poll Tax list for Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire (August 1698) includes

Henry was probably the son of Robert & Jane Holcott (or Howcott) who had been christened at Stoughton, Leicestershire in 1652. It is quite feasible that Thomas was also a member of the Howcott family.