The 1801 List


The first census of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland took place on 10 March 1801. The names of the people counted then were not usually kept. The list that follows includes most, but probably not all, of the Howcutts who should have been included. 

Most of the ages shown are not exact but have been calculated from christening dates or from ages recorded when people died or were buried. For one of the George Howcutts, the age is estimated from the date of marriage and age of his wife when she died. 

The places shown are those where it is likely that the person was living in 1801 but are probably not correct in every case.

Name Age Likely Place County
Ann 17 London Middlesex
Ann  5 Brixworth Northamptonshire
Charles  8 Brixworth  Northamptonshire
Eliza  1 Brixworth Northamptonshire
Elizabeth 57 Cotes de val, Gilmorton Leicestershire
Elizabeth 25 Kettering Northamptonshire
Elizabeth 25 Cotes de val, Gilmorton Leicestershire
Elizabeth 20 Brixworth Northamptonshire
Elizabeth  6 Brixworth Northamptonshire
George 20 (est.) London Middlesex
George  1 Birmingham Warwickshire
James 37 Brixworth Northamptonshire
John 59 Cotes de val, Gilmorton Leicestershire
John 27 Cotes de val, Gilmorton Leicestershire
John  7 Bitteswell Leicestershire
Joseph 46 Bitteswell Leicestershire
Joseph 31 London Middlesex
Martha 26 Kettering Northamptonshire
Mary 59 Kettering Northamptonshire
Mary 36 Birmingham Warwickshire
Mary 30 Birmingham Warwickshire
Mary Ann  4 Birmingham Warwickshire
Robert 56 Kettering Northamptonshire
Robert 23 Kettering Northamptonshire
Robert  5 Bitteswell Leicestershire
Thomas 24 Brixworth Northamptonshire
Thomas  22 Leicester Leicestershire
William 35 Brixworth Northamptonshire
William 33 Birmingham Warwickshire
William 20 Leicester Leicestershire
William  8 Birmingham Warwickshire
William  3 Bitteswell Leicestershire

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